Our Story

Valley Realty is a privately owned and operated family business. We have been helping individuals, families and retirees realize their dream of land ownership in Eastern West Virginia for more than 35 years. Our family has been living and working in the Potomac Highlands for more than 250 years. Our ancestors were among the first European settlers to this new frontier.

We have cultivated the fertile fields, operated businesses, participated in most major defining moments throughout our country’s history, including pioneer settlement, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and have been active in local politics.

Today our family continues to operate successful cattle and crop farms in the fertile valleys and foothills of the Potomac Highlands.  We operate commercial service businesses from a farmers market to lodging, dining and entertainment. We are also active in the preservation of local history through the restoration of several homes and collecting of local antiques and artifacts.

Realizing some change in this region is inevitable due to is unique and very desirable location, we want to be active participants in the next phase of “settlement” rather than sit by while others decide what is best for our beloved landscape. We strongly believe in smart growth and protection of our natural resources through environmentally-conscious design that permits cohabitation of homes, farms, businesses and natural resources.

The Potomac Highlands, with its attractive location between the bustling Mid-Atlantic seaboard and majestic Allegheny Mountains, has become a treasured destination point and well-kept secret for many. The headwaters of the Potomac River wind through lush green valleys affording canoeing, camping, and fishing opportunities. The rolling foothills offer abundant space for wildlife to be enjoyed while hiking, biking, hunting or sightseeing from your car.  Being located between the 2 million acre George Washington and Monongahela National Forests provides endless clean, fresh and relaxing green space.

With our deep ties to local history, culture and the rural way of life, we want our children and grandchildren to enjoy “Wild and Wonderful West Virginia” just as we do today and our ancestors did nine generations ago.  We know you will love it here as much as we do.

We welcome the opportunity to visit with you as we have a vested interest in your happiness—after all, you may just become our next friend and neighbor.

-          Robert R. Williams

Our home office is in Moorefield, WV.  We buy and sell properties in the West Virginia Potomac Highlands including Hardy, Hampshire, Grant, Mineral, Pendleton and Tucker Counties.