Why Buy Now

  1. It’s a Buyer’s Market!
  2. Prices Have Fallen Significantly
  3. Inventory Is High
  4. Sellers Are Motivated
  5. Interest Rates Are Near All-Time Lows
  6. Did I Mention It’s a Buyers Market?


Remember land remains one of the best investments you can make.  You can still find honest folks who sell land day-in and day-out, making a small profit as they aim to balance the needs of prospective buyers with the needs of Mother Nature and the community they live in.

If you want honest answers to your questions from someone local who will see you in town for years to come, contact Valley Realty 304-257-7940 or valleyrealty@hardynet.com.

Why Buy Land Through Valley Reatly?

History matters!  Our family has owned land in the Potomac Highlands for 250+ years.  We have been selling land directly to consumers for over 35 years.

We want the buying process to be a personal experience for you. Honesty and Integrity—we still do business with a handshake. If you want personal, one-on-one attention, give us a call.